Brother Knights,  

The Manitoba “Knights Before Christmas” Parade Participants did an Amazing Job getting our Message out there of “Keep Christ in Christmas” We showed truly how proud we are of being Catholic Christian to the over 70 thousand  spectators along the Parade Route and the 100’s of thousands watching on local Television Channels. We were a hit with the crowds, especially all the Christmas Songs we were singing. 

Just think how the crowds felt when our float went by them with the Youth School Choir singing out traditional Christmas songs blasted over the 5 speakers on the float with Angels, Shepherds, Nativity Characters, and Knights handing out candy and treats to all the excited crowd, young and old. With over 25,000 sparkling lights lighting the float that was being pulled by the decorated Bossuyt Farm Fire Truck (Thank you for your continued support). The Nativity is the focal Point of our Float, and can be seen glowing white. It was amazing experience that every Knight and his Family must experience at least once!

There are so many to thank for helping to make this such an Important and Successful Manitoba Knights of Columbus Activity.  Thank you to the Knights and Families who spent many nights decorating the float, preparing and serving the Post Parade Party, Volunteering in the many tasks needed, Participants at the Parade, 4th Degree Honour Guard, the Councils support, and our Faith that Guides us to work so hard together for this Amazing Success.

Thank you for being dedicated Knights of Columbus! There will be Pictures and Videos and more coming up on Manitoba State website in the next few days.


Thank You,

Dan Shepherd
State Deputy Manitoba