Worthy State Special Olympics Chairmen,

In 2018, your jurisdictions contributed to the happiness and well-being of countless Special Olympics Athletes across North America. More than 75,000 Knights spent a total of 335,680 hours and donated more than $4.4 million to the Special Olympics and the individuals they serve.

Each year, the Supreme Council also divides $180,000 among participating Knights of Columbus jurisdictions based on the data they submit through the Special Olympics Partnership Profile Report (#4584). Jurisdictions present the check they receive from the Supreme Council to their state/provincial Special Olympics organization at their State Conventions or another suitable public event.

The amount each jurisdiction receives is based on their final ranking compared to other participating jurisdictions. Rankings are division-based and determined by percentage of councils participating, volunteer hours, volunteers, number of events attended, and dollars contributed.

The deadline to submit Form #4584 for the 2019 calendar year (1/1/2019 – 12/31/2019) is January 31, 2020. Please encourage the councils in your jurisdiction to submit data as soon as possible. Completed forms should be sent to fraternalmission@kofc.org.

I encourage you to connect with your jurisdiction’s Special Olympics at the state/provincial level and find out how you can partner with them for 2020. You can visit the Special Olympics Websites (Canada) to link councils with events and local programs, share coaching and other volunteer opportunities, and become a Corporate Partner for additional branding opportunities.

For more information, visit the KofC Special Olympics Program page.

Vivat Jesus,

Drew Dillingham
Program Manager, Life