Youth Programs

“ Programs provide  visibility for each council,  programs  keep members  active  and  therefore  become  a  great  retention  tool  that  energizes our councils…”

a) Manitoba State Youth Programs: an overview of available programs

i) Soccer Skills  Program   ( Fall, Spring)
Information  kits  available  by ordering through  your council’s  financial secretary

ii) Keep Christ in Christmas Coloring Contest
All information available in French,  thank you to St. Martyr council.
Contact  person: Lucien Guay 204- 275-0630

iii) Substance  Abuse Program Contest
Contact  persons:   Lucien Guay 204- 275-0630

iv) Basketball Free Throw Program: Manitoba State Competition
Information kits/certificates are  available  by  ordering with  your  financial secretary
Contact person: Don Petsche tel 204- 255-2090

v) Track  and Field: May and  June  2015,  Bison Track & Field Stadium, University of  Man
High School, Middle Years & Elementary  Competitions
Contact  person: Manitoba State Youth Director

b) Key Considerations to initiate and  support Youth Programs:

i) Identify some persons interested in the delivery of youth programs in your community.

ii) Establish a budget for your council’s youth programs.

iii) Order the  Knights of Columbus programs start-up kits through  your council’s  financial secretary

iv) Share successful youth program projects  at your District level meetings,