Cardinal McGuigan Province   
Manitoba District

Fourth Degree Knights in Manitoba Legislative Building at Lieutenant Governor’s Levee

Master’s Message

The Fourth Degree Knights represent the visible arm of the Knights of Columbus Order. We participate in parades, Remembrance Day commemoration,  Bishops installations, priests ordinations and in many other religious and civic events. The main purpose of the Fourth Degree is to promote active Catholic citizenship and to nurture the spirit of patriotism in members and the community at large.

Fourth Degree members, in addition to being members of their individual Third Degree councils, are members of Fourth Degree Assemblies which encompass members of several councils. There are 13 Assemblies in the Manitoba District. The Manitoba District along with eight Districts in Ontario belongs to the Cardinal McGuigan Province, currently overseen by Vice Supreme Master Karl Brosch.

All Assemblies have a similar structure as do councils except for the change in officer titles. Any Third Degree Knight, in good standing, is more than welcome to become a Fourth Degree Knight.

The many times recited the phrase, “Every Catholic man should be a Knight”, ought to be extended to “Every Third Degree Knight should join the Fourth Degree Knighthood” – the final level of our Order. By becoming 4th Degree Knights, we don’t cease to be Third Degree Knights; on the contrary, the 4th Degree contributes to the solidarity of the order, makes it known to the general public and encourages us to live and act as true Catholic gentlemen, proud of our faith and our Knights of Columbus Organization.

Vivat Jesus!
Reginald Robert, District Master –