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Youth Programs  2015

“ Programs provide  visibility for each council,  programs  keep members  active  and  therefore  become  a  great  retention  tool  that  energizes our councils…”

a) Manitoba State Youth Programs: overview of available programs

i) Soccer Skills  Program   ( Fall, Spring)
   Information  kits  available  by ordering through  your council’s  financial secretary

ii) Keep Christ in Christmas Coloring Contest ( December )
    All information available in French,  thank you  to St. Martyr council.
    Contact  persons:Eugene Prieur  204-256-5973 

iii) Substance  Abuse Program ( Winter ) – colorful posters / suggestions available
     Contact  persons:  Eugene Prieur 204- 256-5973 

iv) Basketball Free Throw Program: Manitoba State Competition  ( March 11th, 2017:Holy Cross Gym)
    Information kits / certificates are  available  by  ordering with  your  financial secretary
    Contact persons: Don Petsche tel 204- 255-2090

v) Track  and Field : May and  June  2015,  Bison Track & Field Stadium, University of  Man
   High School, Middle Years & Elementary  Competitions
   Contact  person: Manitoba State Youth Director 

b) Key Considerations to initiate and  support Youth Programs:

i) Identify  some  persons interested in the delivery of  youth  programs in your community.

ii) Establish  a budget for your  council’s  youth programs.

iii) Order the  Knights of Columbus programs start up kits through  your council’s  financial secretary

iv) Share successful youth program projects  at your District level meetings,

Manitoba State Youth Programs

click on  Programs,  click on Youth