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Manitoba State Basketball Free Throw Competition - 2018

The Basketball Free Throw Competition for 2018 is fast approaching.

As in the past, I would again like to remind everyone of the importance of this annual event to our councils and districts, our schools and communities and most importantly, to our youth.

It provides us all with a way to say thank you and to show our commitment to our youth through a very fun event.

Not only is this a Manitoba event but I would like to remind everyone that, although it starts in our local Councils, it ends up being an International Basketball Free Throw event and has been happening since 1972. Please be sure to check out the Knights of Columbus Supreme web site at

for more information including and how to obtain competition kits. 

For our 2018 Basketball Free Throw competition:

1) Please make sure your council’s arrange for their competition in January or early February;

2) Please make sure the District competition’s are held in February; and

3) Please be prepared to support your district winners in March, at the Manitoba State Competition to be held on March 10, 2018. We can always you your help morally and physically.

Some thoughts and reminders for the competitions:

1) District Deputies – you will be able to pick up the District Winner medals, later this year, at the Manitoba State Office;

2) If participation is low, consider:

a. Holding Council Competitions during lunch time in the schools or during the school's gym classes;

b. Have the 1st and 2nd place children from the council event attend the district event.

Questions have been raised in the past regarding the participation of non-Catholic Schools in the Basketball Free Throw event. Please note that every school needs a sponsoring council, as this is a Knights of Columbus event.  This can be done by associating a non catholic school with a neighbouring council that does not have a group attached. This can also provide the dual benefits of community awareness of the Knights of Columbus leading to possible increased membership and lead to increases in our council and membership participation in this prestigious event.

vivat Jesus

Don Petsche

(204) 255-5090