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Council Activities

Many councils conduct various activities that bring the members and their families together on a regular basis. Some councils run bingos, blood donor clinics, operate food banks, hold pancake breakfasts, and have special evenings such as Christmas Parties, New Year’s Eve Parties, and Appreciation dinners for our clergy. These are wonderful opportunities to gather your members and families to work and have fun together and encourage all councils to continue these activities and perhaps expand to new areas.
I would ask all councils to consider supporting activities of other councils in your area. Some councils hold golf tournaments, fundraising banquets etc. There are also State events hosted by various councils in Manitoba and ask that you also support those events when they happen.
Something new this year: Consider holding a corporate Communion that will bring your families together to celebrate our faith through receiving the Eucharist. Attending Mass and receiving communion as a group will also serve to make your council and its members visible to the parish community. This type of program provides both the spiritual and social aspects for your members to enjoy and it’s a great opportunity to promote fraternity among your council’s families.
Here are some ideas to consider when planning a family corporate Communion:
_ Select a Mass time for the corporate Communion and ask your pastor for permission to conduct the event.
_ Announce the event through parish bulletins. Also prepare flyers for distribution at Masses and council meetings, before the event and for posting on council and parish bulletin boards.
_ If your council has a banner, have it placed (with the pastor’s permission) in a visible area of the church.
_ Arrange to have your council’s officers and members serve as readers, lectors, ushers and choir members during the Mass.
_ Ask the pastor to include some information on the Knights of Columbus and the event in his homily or as an announcement before or following Mass.
_ With the pastor’s permission, have a procession into the church of council members, perhaps with a Fourth Degree honor guard. If possible, reserve pews in the church for council families.
_ Also, as part of your event, distribute the wallet-sized Eucharistic Devotion Prayer Card #4194; French #4194F; Spanish #4194S) to participants. This collection of prayers can be used before the Blessed Sacrament and during Communion.
Your council may want to consider holding a corporate Communion on a quarterly basis, once a month or every five weeks, whatever best suits your needs. Also, as a special touch your council can periodically sponsor a breakfast after the event for participating families.

Vivat Jesus
Council Director
Paul Dupré